Biohacking may be a crazy-sounding name, but it isn’t crazy at all. It’s simply about maximising the potential of our body and mind, and trying to be the absolute best version of ourselves. Biohackers take a systems-thinking approach to their biology, using a variety of methods to get the most from their minds, bodies and lives.

Biohacking was originally coined by Dave Asprey, an overweight Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur who wanted better for his life. The original biohacker, Dave is the creator of Bulletproof Coffee, author of The Bulletproof Diet, and the man behind the biggest health category podcast on iTunes.

Think of biohacking like this. Why do people drink coffee in the morning? To wake up, become alert, and concentrate on the day ahead. Why do people listen to smooth jazz or soft rock instead of pulse-pounding techno? To relax and unwind, or fall asleep. Biohackers are acutely aware of how the things we put into our bodies and minds — be it substances, sounds or images — can have a huge impact on how we feel, behave and perform. Their focus is on tweaking those things in order to achieve better outputs, namely:

arrow hyperbaric oxygen therapy  mental clarity
arrow hyperbaric oxygen therapy  more energy and focus
arrow hyperbaric oxygen therapy  wellness and freedom from disease
arrow hyperbaric oxygen therapy  better memory for optimal performance in business and athletics
arrow hyperbaric oxygen therapy  a longer, healthier life

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a top biohack recommended by Dave Asprey and widely used by those who want to optimise their biology and be healthier, fitter and live longer. It’s a way of giving your body more oxygen than it usually gets from the air.

Why is more oxygen so good for you?

HBOT is a straightforward, non-invasive and painless procedure whereby patients enter a private, single person, purpose-built chamber called a hyperbaric chamber. Inside, patients inhale pure oxygen at up to 2 times the normal atmospheric pressure. The heightened pressure conditions increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, which allows the body to absorb 10-15 times more oxygen than normal.

Biohackers see HBOT as a way of “upgrading” their body and mind. It may sound far-fetched, but here is a list of the ways in which increased oxygenation can potentially boost your physical and mental functioning.

Please also see anti-ageing and performance enhancement.

The worlds of sports and biohacking have both embraced the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as an invaluable resource for life improvement.

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In accordance with UK and EU legislation we confirm that there is no intention implied or otherwise that HBOT is  given so with the intention of it being a cure, diagnosis or as a preventative for any disease. Any references, studies or testimonials on this website do not imply that similar results will occur when the same therapy is experienced by another.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy may help with:
arrow hyperbaric oxygen therapy  Sports Injuries
arrow hyperbaric oxygen therapy  Chronic Fatigue
arrow hyperbaric oxygen therapy  Wellness & Beauty
arrow hyperbaric oxygen therapy  Anti-Aging
arrow hyperbaric oxygen therapy  Biohacking
arrow hyperbaric oxygen therapy  Plastic Surgery Recovery
arrow hyperbaric oxygen therapy  Performance Enhancement

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