Robert Pender Biography

Robert Pender is the resident Hyperbaric Specialist at the 58 South Molton Street Clinic in Central London, and has a long and impressive history with Hyperbaric medicine.

A keen sports enthusiast, Robert began his dive into the medical world through studying and training in Physiotherapy during the 1960s. This training developed into qualification, which then led onto a career within the professional sports arena where he joined the medical staff of a number of English, top tier, football teams.

Through working in this field, Robert’s reputation for the rehab of elite stars soon spread and saw him travel across Europe treating players from the top European clubs.

A few years later in the 1980s, Robert decided to branch out on his own and open up a clinic. It was at this point he was approached by a Hyperbaric chamber manufacturer who asked if he would like to be involved in trialling a chamber for free, as part of a clinical research project involving sports medicine.

On seeing that HBOT could not only benefit sports but a wide variety of areas of medicine, Robert applied to study Hyperbaric medicine as a postgraduate in the United States. Upon completion of his studies, he gained a PhD in Medical Science and an Advanced Diploma in Hyperbaric Medicine.

Robert continued to develop his skills and understanding of HBOT by training under Dr Richard Neubaeur – a leading Neurologist and Dean of American College of Hyperbaric Medicine.

The experience of gaining extra and valuable knowledge on brain trauma and the use of HBOT while practising with Dr Neubaeur, led Robert once again to delve deeper into further research.

In 1993 Robert moved to the Baltics in order to research how HBOT could benefit children with birth brain injuries. On completion of his clinical research, he was presented with an award for his work with brain-injured children by The Serbian Ministry of Health.

Fast forward and returning to the UK, Robert continued work as a top, freelance, HBOT consultant, who regularly presented the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen to a wide range of worldwide Medical establishments.

Although retired since 2004 due to a knee replacement that had gone horribly wrong, Robert remained active as an HBOT adviser and in 2013 returned to private practice where he headed up a specialist Hyperbaric medical centre.

In November 2016, Robert jointly opened The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre at South Molton Clinic in London with co-founder Tim Gray. Robert continues to leverage his impressive experience to help treat many areas of disease with HBOT.

He has witnessed many amazing results and counts it an honour to continue and have been able to treat an amazingly wide range of people, from refugees in Europe to Government leaders, to elite sports personnel and members of the Royal family.

Rob Pender was granted “Life time achievement award” for his dedication to the Hyperbaric Medicine by International Hyperbaric Medical Association at 11th International Symposium in New Orleans on 18th August 2017 and is also a:

  • Fellow Royal Society of Medicine
  • Fellow Underwater Hyperbaric Medical Society
  • Fellow American College of Hyperbaric Medicine