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Hyperbaric Therapy Clinic in London

We deliver pioneering hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the heart of Mayfair. Founded by a former patient and renowned hyperbaric expert, we deliver a world-class, patient-centred hyperbaric therapy service.

I found that HBOT helped my energy, my immune system and my mental clarity so much I decided to open a clinic in London with hyperbaric expert Rob Pender. Not only so I could receive expert care locally, but so I could give others access to this amazingly powerful, natural health technique.
Tim Gray– Co-founder of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre

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Hyperbaric expert Rob Pender & Tim Gray

Our Story 

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre was built in collaboration between hyperbaric expert Rob Pender and former patient, Tim Gray, to deliver exceptional oxygen therapy to improve health and wellbeing in a natural way.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission centres on delivering an outstanding, tailored service to every individual. The following values are at the heart of our clinic:

1. Help our clients heal to their full potential 

Our hyperbaric chambers have pressure conditions of up to 2 times more than other clinics, meaning you’ll absorb 10-15 times more oxygen, increasing your body’s ability to heal. We’ll carefully monitor your progress throughout to ensure you’re seeing improvements.

2. Fully accommodate our client’s needs

Aside from delivering a tailored care plan, we ensure you have a relaxing, positive experience at our clinic by offering on-site parking, fast appointment confirmation, and discrete VIP access. This is why we’re the hyperbaric centre of choice for celebrities and sports professionals.

3. An honest, expert led service you can trust

We won’t offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy if we don’t think it may potentially benefit you. Every client is carefully assessed in an initial consultation with our hyperbaric expert Rob Pender, to ensure they’re suitable for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Want to learn more about HBOT or try it out for yourself? Contact us on 02038231212 or [email protected] or book a consultation with our hyperbaric expert Robert Pender, where you can discuss your requirements and goals for your hyperbaric therapy.

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We are proud of our memberships and awards:

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IMHA International Hyperbaric Medical Association

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre
58 South Molton Street,

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We were recently featured on Tony Wrighton’s Zestology podcast. Click below to download the podcast for free and listen to us discuss the benefits of Hyperbaric medicine!

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